Prime Law Associates (PLA) is a dynamic first generation law firm, founded by the group of young and energetic lawyers. PLA has grown tremendously and has earned tremendous repute among its clients and the legal fraternity owing to its accessibility, responsiveness and innovative problem solving approach. PLA is one of the largest full service national law firms in Nepal.

Being a first generation law firm, our team brings with it an optimal mix of dynamism and passion. Our Firm’s mission is to provide pragmatic and result-oriented legal advice at competitive costs.

The Firm is based in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu Nepal. It is conveniently located, in one of the most posh areas and is in close proximity of major business centers, government establishments and Courts in Kathmandu. The Firm has associate offices in all other Nepal metro cities. In addition, the Firm has an exclusive network with lawyers in most of the commercial cities in Nepal and has on its panel of consultants the best available professionals in the field of Law, Taxation, Corporate Secretarial and allied services.

Our lawyers have wide experience in handling wide variety of litigation and are handle matters in various District Courts, Appellate Courts across the Country and in the Supreme Court of Nepal. The Firm has specialized groups for handling advisory and litigation matters. In addition, the Firm is capable of providing legal services to clients from its associate offices, networked in major cities across the country. The Firm adopts a pro-active problem solving approach and provides excellent legal services in all sectors. The Firm provides comprehensive services to domestic and multinational client across all sectors including manufacturing, trading, finance, government authorities and individuals.

The Firm strives to provide par excellent legal and allied services and maintains high professional standards in all areas of its operations. The Firm maintains open and clear lines of communication and prudently pursues the client’s objectives in the matters in hand. All Client matters are appropriately staffed & efficiently handled. With our team of lawyers, paralegals and support staff we handle a variety of work (which we loosely say as corporate and commercial, litigation and conveyancing) for several industries including rail, real estate, construction, healthcare, insurance, and information and communication technology.
PLA assists clients in response to the economic growth and the increasingly growing number of international investors, domestic companies and corporations with regard to investments and legal issues.

PLA advises upon the needs and requirements of clients covering a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial activities. PLA is actively involved in advising on commercial transactions, banking, commercial property, joint ventures, intellectual property, IPR Enforcement, insolvency, telecommunications, media and consumer related issues and Internet.

PLA places great emphasis on excellence of services, commercial approach to transactions, and efficiency of costs and of course, speed of response. PLA lawyers have the necessary expertise to provide clear, practical and concise advice and opinions to clients, based on detailed legal research and the experience each lawyer has in their particular field of law.

PLA encourages versatility amongst its lawyers; inter alia, the mastering of various transaction-related knowledge. A close understanding of commercial realities by our lawyers ensures that we are able to find the most appropriate approach for our clients, keeping their interests in mind.

Our Philosophy

Our focus
is to understand your business, needs and objectives and to suggest creative solutions to your problems.

Our mission
is to be leaders in our field and our region.

Our commitment
is to deliver to our clients a service that will carry them reliably to their objectives.

Our people
are experienced, well trained to adapt to changing demands of the profession and own in-depth knowledge in their respective areas of practice and specialization

Our experience
combines the highest standards of Nepalese law firms with knowledge acquired from on-the-ground of National practice.

Our advantage
is a technology-oriented organization, continually improving our technology to meet the changing needs of today and tomorrow’s business activities.

Our National presence
extends across all the parts of our country through both our own offices and an extensive network of tried and trusted associates in each cities of Nepal.

Our Practices

Prime Law Associates (PLA) has extensive experience in general corporate, business and finance matters. In today’s economic environment, PLA team’s approach is to provide creative and innovative solutions to the needs of our clients. PLA has the competence in a broad range of corporate and financing engagements, including mergers and acquisitions, loan syndications, project financings, joint venture, partnership financings, public and private placements of debt and equity securities, and corporate restructurings. Regardless whether our client is a public or private company, our team provides practical and strategic advice with regard to all areas impacting corporate finance, including compliance with the Companies Act and listing requirements.

The practices of PLA covers the following areas:

1. Investigation Group

Prime Law Associates (PLA) has a dedicated group of investigators that is actively involved in investigative work related to relevant matters of our clients. PLA investigation team has an extensive network of bankers, real estate agents and other relevant officials working with the government and/or in their individual capacity who provide invaluable assistance in unearthing disputed assets/properties.
Our investigators in their asset searches look for movable and immovable property purchased and/or sold illegally and fraudulently by the offenders to delay and frustrate legal proceedings. Additionally, we examine assets of spouses and family members for possible transfers, and corporations associated with the subject and his/her partners. PLA identify individuals or entities that can provide leads and directions by scrutinizing the life style, litigation history and relationships in order to discover hidden assets.

Our investigation arm has been very effective in conducting investigations into bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, internal and external corporate fraud, embezzlement, and identity theft.

Business Start-up services of PLA will help you in those essential early stages of business, giving you advice to assist you to form a business built for success and able to plan and grow effectively without avoidable legal obstacles and litigation.

We will assist you to make the right decisions at the right time. Whether you intend to set up a sole proprietorship concern or a company or a partnership firm we focus our legal services required for your business needs.

2. Intellectual Property

Prime Law Associates (PLA) practice covers copyright, trademark, design and patent registration, and litigation for enforcement of IP rights. PLA’s litigation department represents major trademark, patent and copyright infringement matters. PLA is also assisting its clients in investigation and prosecuting trademark infringement by counterfeit manufacturers and traders.

PLA offers highly specialized services in the areas of anti counterfeiting, design and computer contracts, as well as advertisement, media, publishing and entertainment. We provide our clients with extensive services relating to agreements for the use, supply and licensing and maintenance of Software. Specifically, the services offered by PLA include preparing applications for patents and trademark registrations and pursuing these applications through issuance by the Patent and Trademark Office and maintaining these items of intellectual property in force for our clients.

We also work with our international associates to obtain corresponding protection in countries outside Nepal. We offer representation to clients in patent and trademark litigation including alternative-dispute resolution processes such as arbitration and mediation.

PLA also offers protection of trade rights in product packaging and service presentation and protection of proprietary information and trade secrets against theft or unfair competition, including nondisclosure, noncompetition, anti-solicitation and anti-piracy issues.

Prime Law Associates (PLA) has specialized group to advise companies from the banking and finance industry and companies engaging in financing or borrowing transactions. Structuring of financial transactions and products, and advice on legal and regulatory compliance, is an important area of service. The group renders the full range of legal services for commercial lending and borrowing, prepares all requisite loan, collateral and security documents, undertakes due diligence and negotiations, and acts in the enforcement and preservation of assets, rights and remedies. Members of the group have regional capabilities and act for banks operating in Indo-Nepal and structure deals which conform to foreign legal systems. Particularly, the group is familiar with financing transactions which are collateralized by real estate and other assets located in offshore jurisdictions unders banks and finance companies, power and petroleum companies.

4. Aviation Law

Prime Law Associates (PLA) is experienced in handling matters relating to civil aviation. Advice on structuring and negotiating airline operation license and related contracts aircraft lease contracts. We assist our clients in dealing with the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Moreover, we have experience with the settlement of both domestic and international disputes regarding personal injury, death, cargo damage and loss, including claims involving international aviation treaties.

5. Labor Law

The lawyers at Prime Law Associates (PLA) provide their clients legal assistance in matters involving labor contracts, labor insurance, labor protection and welfare, construction of labor management systems and the settlement of labor disputes. Human Resource is essential ingredient to any business hence the same is essential for us because of our clients. However, legal protection, legal rights and legal risks, governing employment agreements are most essential.

Therefore the laws and regulations governing relationships between employers and employees are carefully scrutinized before advising our clients as their interest in paramount for us

6. Tax Laws

Tax implications are an important aspect in structuring commercial transactions. The firm advises clients on tax issues relating to commercial transactions like joint ventures, share purchase agreements and purchase of business as running concerns. PLA lawyers advise foreign clients regarding tax implications of their investments in the local market.

7. Insurance

PLA provide comprehensive legal services in the field of insurance and reinsurance arena. Our commercial knowledge, risk management strategies, and necessary resources, enable us to be the market leaders in the legal profession. We conduct due diligence in M&A for companies, thereby enabling them to assess the risks appropriately. We handle a whole range of general insurance matters, including marine and motor insurance, trade and export credit insurance, fire insurance, business interruption insurance, professional indemnity, accident, health & travel insurance, errors & omissions, workmen’s compensation, performance bonds, contractors’ all risks, product liability and public liability. We also advise on life insurance issues as well as policy wording, agency and general regulatory matters.

8. Arbitration & ADR

Our lawyers are well trained in alternative dispute resolution methods allowing us to successfully mediate and settle most disputes. However, where arbitration is necessary, the lawyers of Prime Law Associates (PLA) have the skills and experience to safeguard the interests of their clients.
PLA is particularly proficient in domestic and foreign commercial arbitration. Arbitration is currently considered as one of the best simple policy used in disputes settlement worldwide. This is why the PLA adopted a methodology since its foundation in this respect i.e. it continuously prepares and brings up a technician cadre of professional lawyers whose mission is to deal with the arbitration inside and outside Nepal.

Our Attorneys represent clients in domestic and international arbitrations, both ad hoc and institutional. Apart from acting as counsel, our partners also receive appointments as arbitrators. We are also familiar with procedures for the promotion of amicable settlement, such as mediation. We will assist clients in selecting the best method of resolving disputes that may be litigation, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution.

9. Immigration

Prime Law Associates (PLA) offers a wide range of services for many visas types and categories including business/corporate immigration. Our firm has an international network of affiliates around the world that offers immigration services related to the U.S.A, Canada and Australia.

PLA also offers services to people all over the world who intend to come to Nepal on tourist, business or work visas. We also offer services for extension of stay in Nepal and other related matters. We offer our services to the employees/consultants in various industries including Telecommunications, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Hotels, INGO, Energy and Tourism.

10. Criminal Law

Prime Law Associates (PLA) has separate section to deal with criminal law affairs. We are specialized in criminal law matters like murder, killing, homicide, physical assault, physical injury, torture, kidnapping, criminal trespass, conspiracy, economic offences, medical negligence, cheating / deficiency in medical services, drugs/narcotics, harassment, sexual abuse, charges of rape, corruption, extortion, threat, defamation, illegal arrest/detention/confinement, cheating, forgery, cheque-bouncing, financial fraud, immigration/emigration offences, passport/visa offences, extradition / deportation, human rights violation, pornography, computer crimes, piracy, etc.
We have observed during our long practice that many times cases are either not properly presented or fought in a court of law due to several reasons ranging from insufficient time to lack of proper and adequate professional resources. This often may prove very dearer in criminal cases where criminal liability is involved. The applications, appeals, petitions, submissions, arguments, evidence and cross examinations are sometimes prepared hurriedly risking quality thereof. There is a dearth of qualitative arguments in courts due to work pressure. The written submissions (where necessary) are rarely submitted leaving a scope for vital points being overlooked by judges. The difficulties are also being experienced in finding and submitting important and relevant judicial rulings of higher courts due to lack of resources. As a result of these and many other reasons the lawyers/counsels and in turn their clients suffer in court cases.

We always adopt aggressive approach in criminal proceedings.

PLA lawyers have considerable experience representing both foreign entities that are the subject of suits in Nepal and corporations and individuals bringing suits against foreign entities in Nepal.

PLA’s experience includes the defense of corporations and individuals involved in multi-national, multi-agency investigations and prosecutions. We have also advised our clients on the proper course of action in matters involving governmental agencies in Nepal and abroad.

Our People

1) Mr. Amrit Sharma (LL.M -T.U)
Attorney At Law
Corporate Law, Immigration Law, Refugee Law

2) Mr. Pradeep Thapa (LL.M Enrolled-P.U)
Attorney At Law
Foreign Investment, Alternative Dispute Resolution,
Arbitration, Contract, Employment law

3) Mr. Ananda Koirala (LL.M-Delhi University)
Attorney At Law
Intellectual Property law, Commercial law and Tax Law

4) Mr. Lok Bahadur Karki (LL.M-T.U, Former S.S.P of Nepal Police)
Attorney At law
Criminal Law

5) Mr. Om Subedi (LL.M-T.U., M.A.-TU)
Attorney At Law
Civil Litigation, International Law and Human Rights Law

Our Retainer

If you need to deal with legal issues on a regular basis, you may wish to take advantage of our Retainer Services.

Retainer Services are customized to suit each client’s needs. Each retainer can be tailored to meet a general or particular legal support requirement. For example, a retainer may provide for regular brief telephone consultations with our lawyers, or for the review of simple documents not requiring substantive legal advice. Such services, when provided under a retainer, will not be separately billed.

In addition, depending on the level of Retainer Services a client chooses, we offer preferential rates (ie. discount of up to one-third) on our hourly professional fees that apply to legal work not covered under the terms of a retainer.

As all our lawyers are specialists in different areas of the law, not only would you be advised by an expert in a particular field, but this would also ensure that you spend less of your precious management time in resolving your problems.

A retainer would also ensure that you get priority in terms of service and response time and that our lawyers will not represent any party that is opposed to your legal interests.

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